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What Makes Relationships Successful?

As someone whose parents got divorced at a young age and not being surrounded by healthy relationships, I used to ask myself this question all the time. I was determined to have better relationships than those around me, but little did I know I was in for quite the surprise. I found myself making the same mistakes as my parents and others that were wrapped up in hurts and traumas of coming out and navigating my queerness alone. 



I am a hopeless romantic, so I was always in a relationship. One day, I found myself broken! I ended an engagement, lost a house, my dog and my life was diminished to 1 bedroom at my best friend's place. That is when I decided to really sit down and answer the question I has asked myself since I was 5 years old. What I didn't expect was to find the answer inside of the pain and trauma of the past. I took myself on the same healing journey I take others on and discovered that (1) I had no clue who I was and what I wanted, (2) the lack of support when I came out put me in a position to attach to anyone and everyone who was like me no matter how much they hurt me and (3) I was lovable and deserving of the love I craved. AND SO DO YOU! 


Now, I am happily married to the woman of my dreams, a Certified Dating/Relationship Coach and Matchmaker and here to assist YOU on your journey to the relationship of your dreams. 

We are not destined to be in terrible relationships. Dating is a skill. The things that make relationships work are skills and CAN BE LEARNED.

So join me on this journey!  

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