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Let me tell you how Kita helped me dramatically transform my life into a peaceful happy place!!! I’m an over 50 lesbian who had been stuck in the closet for at least 40 years. Trust me when I tell you that closet was stuffed full of a ton of childhood abandonment and abuse.

About 3 years ago, after my last failed relationship with a guy, I hung up my cleats. I quit. I couldn’t do it anymore; I couldn’t continue living the lie. I was so unhappy not being able to find the kind of love that I wanted and needed, so I stopped looking and just gave up.


I started seeing a therapist hoping that maybe if I worked through my childhood trauma, I could figure out why I wasn’t finding the love that I dreamed of. Every week seemed the same. We talked about the horror of my childhood and the effect it continued to have on me over the years, but inevitably when that hour was up, I walked out in tears – left to collect myself alone in my car, and shove all those memories and emotions back down where they came from. After 2 years of going nowhere I quit seeing my therapist and resigned myself to live out the rest of my life as a single woman.

Fast forward to the middle of June when I stumbled on Kita’s bio on TikTok. When I saw she was a LGBTQ+ Date Coach my heart skipped a beat....maybe – just maybe - she can help me I thought. Two weeks later we met over Zoom for my first consultation. Immediately I knew: not only did I ​really​ need a coach, but that I ​really needed​ ​Kita​ to be my Dating Coach. She fell into my universe at exactly the right time and place.

Throughout the month of July, her intuitive coaching skills helped me Burn the Blueprint of the trauma that led me into the closet. I was finally unleashed of that nightmare and there’s no way I could have done it without Kita. She’s taught me the steps to self-acceptance and self-love. She has done in one month what years of therapy couldn’t do.

During the dating process, Kita was there with me every step of the way. The app to use, how to swipe differently, but more importantly we processed the dates I went on, what happened and if that person was truly in line with my requirements. A few short months later, I had met THE ONE! She was everything I looked for and just when I thought Kita couldn't be more amazing, she met with us both to ensure that we would get the relationship off on the right foot.

Kita has a humble spirit, an honest soul and a loving heart. She’s exactly who I needed to be by my side to get to this beautiful place in my life where I can live free and outside my comfort zone. Never did I think I would come out of the closet – not even to myself – let alone anyone else. Yet here I am – living out loud and proud!! And thanks to Kita’s guidance – Now here I am, out of the closet and married to the love of my life! 


Thank You Kita!!

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R. Ortego

"Matchmaking has been interesting. Kita has done a great job with matching me with wonderful people. At one point, I was still recovering from a breakup and had stretches where I felt good about myself, but also low moments where I didn't. I've appreciated Kita's check-ins, support and adaptability. 


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